Discover the Diversity of Our Services at Context Immo

At Context Immo, we offer an extensive range of real estate services, designed to meet all your needs. From sales to property management, including renovation and assistance, our dedicated team is here to guide you through every step.

Client Search

Your Trusted Real Estate Partner in Luxembourg

At Context Immo agency, we understand that success in real estate is not just about selling or leasing properties but about the art of connecting the right people with the right properties. Our exclusive 'Client Search' service is designed to do just that - finding the perfect match between properties and potential clients.

Why Choose Our Client Search Service?

  • Deep Local Expertise : With years of experience in the Luxembourg real estate market, our team has an intimate understanding of local dynamics.
  • Extensive Network : We maintain strong relationships with a wide range of property seekers.
  • Targeted Marketing Strategies : We utilize innovative and targeted marketing strategies.
  • Personalized Approach : At Context Immo, every property is unique.
  • Complete and Transparent Service : From start to finish, we offer comprehensive support.
  • Fast and Efficient Results : Our commitment and expertise allow us to shorten sales or leasing times.

Your property deserves the right attention and the right clients. At Context Immo, we do more than just sell or lease; we create perfect connections between spaces and people. Discover how our 'Client Search' service can transform your real estate experience. Contact us today!

Sales Advisory

Expertise and Support for Selling Your Property

At Context Immo, our Sales Advisory service offers expert and personalized support to optimize your property's sale. Our dedicated team is committed to enhancing your real estate's value and simplifying each step of the sale.

Why Opt for Our Sales Advisory Service?

  • Accurate Property Valuation : We start with a detailed evaluation of your property to determine its fair market price.
  • Customized Marketing Strategies : Use of innovative, personalized sales techniques to target potential buyers.
  • Preparation and Staging of the Property : Advice on home staging and minor improvements to maximize your property's appeal.
  • Negotiation and Offer Tracking : Negotiation expertise to ensure you receive the best possible offer.
  • Legal and Administrative Assistance : Complete support navigating the legal and administrative aspects of the sale.
  • Transparent Communication : Regular updates and availability to answer all your questions throughout the process.

Maximize the value and minimize the stress of selling your property. With Context Immo, enjoy unparalleled expertise and a successful sale. Contact us to discover how our Sales Advisory service can transform your selling experience.

Renovation Assistance

Tailored Support for Your Real Estate Projects

At Context Immo, we provide a comprehensive Construction Assistance service to help you plan, manage, and execute all types of real estate projects, from minor renovations to major constructions. Our goal is to simplify your projects while ensuring quality and adding value to your property.

Benefits of Our Construction Assistance Service

  • Planning and Advice : Support in defining your project, with advice on best practices and suitable materials.
  • Project Management : Complete coordination and monitoring of the work, ensuring adherence to timelines and budget.
  • Selection of Craftsmen : Connecting you with qualified and trusted craftsmen, ensuring quality work.
  • Work Supervision : Regular monitoring and reporting on progress, ensuring everything goes according to plan.
  • Budget Optimization : Solutions aimed at maximizing cost efficiency without compromising on quality.
  • Administrative and Legal Support : Assistance with all necessary paperwork, including building permits and regulatory compliance.

Whether you are renovating your home or undertaking a major real estate project, our Construction Assistance service at Context Immo assures you peace of mind and quality results. Contact us to learn more about how we can contribute to the success of your project.

Cost Calculation & Government Grants

Financial Optimization of Your Real Estate Project

Understanding and optimizing the costs associated with buying, selling, or renovating a property can be complex. At Context Immo, our Cost Calculation & State Aid service is designed to guide you through the financial maze of real estate, maximizing state aids and subsidies available for your project.

Why Choose Our Service for Cost Calculation & State Aid?

  • Comprehensive Cost Assessment : Detailed analysis of all costs involved in your real estate project, including hidden or unforeseen expenses.
  • Identification of Aids and Subsidies : In-depth research of state aids, tax credits, and subsidies for which you might be eligible.
  • Fiscal and Financial Advice : Expert advice on structuring your project optimally for financial and tax purposes.
  • Scenario Simulation : Modeling various financial scenarios to better understand the impact of each choice.
  • Personalized Accompaniment : Support at every step, ensuring you fully benefit from available financial opportunities.
  • Profitability Report : Provision of a detailed report to help you make informed decisions about your investment.

Let Context Immo help you reduce costs and increase the profitability of your real estate project. Contact us to find out how our Cost Calculation & State Aid service can bring clarity and peace of mind to your real estate endeavors.

Tradesmen Search

Find the Best Professionals for Your Real Estate Project

When undertaking a real estate project, whether it's new construction, renovation, or maintenance, finding the right professionals is crucial. Context Immo simplifies your search by connecting you with qualified and trusted tradesmen in various fields. Our Tradesmen Search service is your gateway to impeccable execution of your project.

Why Use Our Tradesmen Search Service?

  • Broad Network of Artisans : Access to a vast network of experienced professionals in various fields: plumbing, electricity, masonry, etc.
  • Rigorous Selection : We collaborate only with artisans known for their expertise and reliability.
  • Quotes and Advice : Get transparent quotes and expert advice for your renovation or construction projects.
  • Simplified Project Management : With all trades under one roof, coordinate and manage your project more efficiently.
  • Quality and Compliance : Ensure all work is performed to current standards and with the highest quality.
  • Ongoing Monitoring and Assistance : We provide continuous tracking and assistance throughout the execution of your project.

With Context Immo by your side, turn your ideas into reality with our network of experts in each trade. Contact us to learn more about how our Tradesmen Search service can facilitate and secure the realization of your real estate projects.

Emergency Assistance

Support and Guidance in Difficult Times

In the event of a property disaster, such as water damage, fire, or any other major damage, quick and expert assistance is crucial. At Context Immo, our Emergency Assistance service aims to provide complete support, guiding you through the claims and repair process for a swift return to normalcy.

Why Choose Our Emergency Assistance Service?

  • Immediate Response : A rapid and effective response upon disaster notification to minimize damage.
  • Expertise in Disaster Management : Specialized experts to assess the damage and define the best repair strategies.
  • Administrative Assistance : Help with all administrative procedures related to insurance and claims.
  • Repair Work Coordination : Organization and supervision of necessary repairs for quick and efficient restoration.
  • Follow-up and Communication : Regular updates on repair progress and transparent communication throughout the process.
  • Emotional Support and Advice : Understanding and support for the emotional impact, in addition to practical advice for handling the situation.

Disasters can be overwhelming, but with Context Immo at your side, you are not alone. Our team is here to ensure comprehensive and empathetic care, helping you regain peace and security. For more information on our Emergency Assistance service, contact us today.

Vacation Assistance

Security and Peace of Mind During Your Absences

Going on vacation should be a source of relaxation, not worry about your home. With Context Immo's Vacation Assistance service, enjoy your getaway with peace of mind, knowing your property is monitored and maintained by trusted professionals.

Why Opt for Our Vacation Assistance Service?

  • Regular Surveillance : Periodic visits to your property to check security and the proper functioning of all systems.
  • Home Maintenance : Care for plants, airing out rooms, and general upkeep for a welcoming home upon your return.
  • Incident Prevention : Proactive measures to prevent problems such as water leaks or electrical failures.
  • Customized Services : Adapting our services to your specific needs, whether it's collecting mail or managing alarms.
  • Regular Reports : Transparent communication and reports on the status of your property, offering you total peace of mind.
  • Emergency Response : Quick intervention in case of unexpected incidents to minimize any potential damage.

Don't let concerns for your home spoil your vacation. Context Immo's team ensures you return to your home just as you left it: secure, maintained, and welcoming. To learn more about our Vacation Assistance service, contact us and leave with peace of mind.

Project Establishment

Realization of Your Dream Real Estate Projects

Turning your ideas and visions into a tangible real estate project requires expertise, precision, and creativity. At Context Immo, our Project Establishment service is dedicated to making your real estate dream a reality, taking care of every detail from conception to project completion.

Benefits of Our Project Establishment Service

  • Detailed Planning : Meticulous plans and designs to ensure the project meets your specific expectations and needs.
  • Professional Coordination : Management and coordination of all parties involved, from architects to contractors.
  • Compliance and Permits : Ensuring all aspects of the project comply with local regulations and obtaining necessary permits.
  • Budget Management : Monitoring and adjusting the budget for total cost control without compromising quality.
  • Regular Monitoring : Constant updates on project progress, allowing for total transparency.
  • Innovative Solutions : Use of modern technologies and materials, ensuring durability and aesthetics.

Every project is a unique journey, and Context Immo is your ideal partner to navigate successfully through the complex world of real estate. Rely on our expertise for your construction or renovation project, and see your visions materialize. For more information on our Project Establishment service, contact us today.